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Cheetah II Ash Vacuum – Product Review

Tuesday, October 04, 2011 Posted by Stephanie H.

When the time comes to clean the ash out of your fireplace you’ll need to stock up on a few useful tools to make the job easier, cleaner, and safer. You don’t want to use a standard household vacuum or shop vacuum since they are not specifically designeCheetah_Ash_Vacd for the fine ash. You could end up with a big mess and even risk starting a fire in your vacuum.

Every component of the Cheetah II Ash Vacuum is designed with safety in mind. Constructed of rolled steel, the three gallon canister is completely fireproof. The five foot hose and nozzle are made of metal and the primary filter is fire-resistant up to 1,000°F. All of the other vacuum components are made from fire-resistant thermo-plastic. Although most ash vacuums are designed to be used strictly with cool ash, these features ensure that any sneaky hot embers that get through won’t cause a fire hazard.

The Cheetah II Ash Vacuum is equipped with a powerful 6 amp motor and patented filtration system that is specifically designed to ensure the cleanest possible removal of ash. The patented dual filtration system is specially engineered to capture even the finest ash particles ensuring that your home stays ash and odor free. Conveniently, the filters can be cleaned without opening the canister lid ensuring that the ash remains in the canister and not all over your clean home.

The Cheetah II Ash Vacuum comes in four fun color combinations to suit any style: red, black, green, and winter scene. Its 90 decibel noise level is about equal to that of a home vacuum cleaner. The included manufacturer provided, one year limited home-use warranty will ensure the product stands up to its claims.

The Cheetah II Ash Vacuum is one of the top selling ash vacuums on the market. By providing a safe, easy way to remove ash from your fireplace, grill, woodstove, or pellet stove; you’ll stop dreading the clean-up and have a spic and span fireplace in no time.


Sorrencr said...

I learned the hard way that a regular household vacuum is not suitable for cleaning fireplace ash; however, the Care instructions for every ash vacuum that I have found all call for using a household vacuum to clean the filter. How is this better than just using my household vacuum for the entire job? I am not criticizing, just confused.

Anonymous said...

As you discovered Ash dust is very fine and most household vacuum filters are not designed to contain the particles. Ash also tends to be an allergen. It is so fine that dust can transfer to the motor.
The filter for the Cheetah II ash vac only typically needs cleaned after 60-80 gallons of ash has been collected by the vacuum.
Cleaning this ash vac filter is simpler than most. You don’t even have to open the canister. Remove the brass screw-on cap on the top of the Ash Vac, and wiggle the agitator rod back and forth (not up and down) for a few minutes.
I hope you have found this helpful.Let us know if you have any more questions.