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Cougar Ash Vacuum – Product Review

Friday, October 07, 2011 Posted by Stephanie H.

The Cougar Ash Vacuum is one of the top selling ash vacuums on the market. Specially designed and patented for fireplaces, grills, woodstoves, pellet, corn, and wheat stoves - it will make cleaning out all of those pesky ashes quick, neat and eCougar_Ash_Vacuumasy.

If you’re looking for all of the power of the standard ash vacuum but would prefer a quieter one, the Cougar Ash Vacuum is perfect for you. Its ultra-quiet design and superior cleaning power are unmatched. This unit employs sound dampening technology to reduce the decibel output to 79 decibels, making it much quieter than standard designs.

Incredibly similar in design to its sister vacuum, the Cheetah II Ash Vacuum, the Cougar is constructed of a rolled steel three gallon fireproof canister. The five foot hose and nozzle are made of metal and all other components are made of fire-resistant thermoplastic. Even the primary filter is fire-resistant up to 1000°F.

In addition to its safe, quiet design the patented filtration system is intended to offer the cleanest possible removal of ash. It employs dual filters that are specially engineered to retain even the finest particles within the vacuum so your home doesn’t end up with a coating of gray dust.

The Cougar Ash Vacuums utilizes a powerful six amp motor to ensure optimum cleaning power. It is available in four unique color combinations including black, red, green, and winter scene.

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