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Fireplace Bellows – General Information

Thursday, September 22, 2011 Posted by Stephanie H.

Building a large, strong fire can be tricky business and it may seem like you need to be a scout leader to accomplish it. You set up the logs perfectly and prepare to relax by a roaring fire only to have it quickly die out. It shouldn’t be so difficult to start and keep a large fire going. OnBellowse possible problem is that the fire isn’t able to get enough oxygen. Don’t try to blow on the fire yourself to make it bigger, as this can be dangerous and fairly ineffective. Instead, consider investing in a decorative and functional fireplace bellow.

Typical household fireplace bellows are small, handheld devices that consist of an air chamber and a nozzle and are traditionally constructed of some type of hard wood, leather and brass. They come in a variety of materials, sizes, and qualities and are available at any price point. A few companies still make each bellow individually by hand, making them a piece of art and not just a fireplace tool. Whether you’re looking for something that is traditional in design or something a little more unique, there are dozens of designs and options making it easy to find one that will blend in with your décor. Even when you’re not using the bellow, they’re attractive enough to display proudly near your fireplace and hold unique historical connection to the household fireplace.

Using a bellow is an incredibly safe and easy way to stoke a fire. Simply separate the two handles and stand a foot or so from the fire pointing the nozzle toward the bottom of the fire and squeeze the handles back together. This causes the air chamber to contract and force air out through the nozzle which stokes the flames. The more oxygen you provide through the bellow, the larger your fire will become. As a general rule, larger bellows provide more oxygen and will help aid in obtaining a larger fire.

Whether you’re looking to add a fireplace bellow to your fireplace tool collection for function or decorative appeal, it is certain to become an essential piece of your fireplace.

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