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Olde World Fireplace Screen – Product Review

Monday, March 07, 2011 Posted by Stephanie H.

Sleek and simple, the Olde World Bowed Fireplace Screen is the perfect complement to a fireplace that needs little added embellishment. A slender silver frame surrounds the steel mesh screen, creating a functional screen to protect your home Olde_World_Bowed_Fireplace_Screenand family from stray sparks. The curved structure of the Olde World Bowed Fireplace Screen enables it to stand on its own, so it is easy to maneuver when the fireplace needs to be accessed for adding wood or cleaning.

The Old World Bowed Screen comes in two sizes, accommodating fireplaces with a width of 30”-39”, or 40”-49”; and a height of 20”-29”, or 30”-35”. The total weight of the screen is 15 pounds.

There is no assembly  necessary when this ready-to-use screen arrives, and a one-year limited warranty covers the item in the event of defect in material or construction. If you are looking for a simple, functional screen with little setup or maintenance needed, the Olde World Bowed Screen is perfect for you!

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