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Fireplace Blocker Blanket – Product Review

Monday, April 18, 2011 Posted by Stephanie H.
This exclusive Fireplace Blocker Blanket was designed to conserve both energy and money for you by maintaining heat in your home when only embers are still burning. Once the flames have died down, but before the flue can be safely closed, a substantial amount of heat escapes up the chimney. This heat could be keeping your home warm for free! This blanket attaches to the outside of your fireplace screen with magnets (included with the purchase of a Fireplace_Blocker_Blanketblanket) to draw heat from the fireplace into your home until the embers have gone out and the flue can be closed.

Made of black non-woven carbon fiber, the fireplace blocker blanket is durable and fire resistant. In order to use this product safely, it must always be attached only to the outside of your screen with the included magnets and never used as a fire containment device. With dimensions of up to 55” wide and up to 46” high, you are sure to find a size that will accommodate your fireplace size!
If you are looking to conserve your energy usage and save on heating bills, this Fireplace Blocker Blanket is a great investment for you!

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