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Wood Burning Fireplace Heater – Product Review

Wednesday, December 29, 2010 Posted by Stephanie H.

Make your fireplace more efficient with the Wood Burning Fireplace Heater. This fireplace heater has one of the largest burning areas of any fireplace blower system on the market. It has a full-sized grate with the capability to hold a large display of wood.

The Wood Burning Fireplace Heater - which is designed for masonry fireplacWood_Burning_Fireplace_Heater es - features both a front and rear log guard along with a heat shielded blower unit. This grate sits lower to the ground, allowing you to have a better display of your burning logs. Your fireplace door sits on top of the heater bar.

Once your fire is lit, the heater system is automatically activated by a heat sensor. The heater system switches off once it reaches a temperature of about 90 degrees. This is how it works - the fireplace blower pulls in the cold air from your home and forces it through the grate. The cold air then heats up as it goes through the grate and passes through the fire, and exits on the opposite end pumping warm air into your home.

The unique feature about this particular heater system is that its blower motor has the capability to switch sides to accommodate both a left and right hand electrical power source. It also features 4 adjustable legs – this allows you to adjust the height you would like your grate at. This is also perfect if your fireplace happens to be uneven.

The Wood Burning Fireplace Heater is easy install – all you need to do is place it in your fireplace, plug it in, and build a fire! It is available in three different sizes – small, medium, and large. Increase the efficiency of your fireplace this winter with the Wood Burning Fireplace Heater!

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