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Hearth Country Premium Ash Vacuum – Product Review

Tuesday, October 27, 2009 Posted by Stephanie H.

The Hearth Country Premium Ash Vacuum is one of the premier fireplace ash vacuums currently on the market. It’s a fast, quiet, and easy way to cleanup any ash debris from your fireplace, wood stove, or pellet stove.

This ash vacuum has multiple design features that help to minimize any damage to the unit from hot embers. The hose useHearth_Country_Premium_Ash_Vacuumd is made of a light-weight metal allow, and the pre-filter is a small screen metal mesh that is used to protect the hepa inner filter.

This is how it works – the debris enters the vacuum through the hose and goes straight down – minimizing the chances of hot embers damaging the machine. However, this unit is NOT designed to pick up hot embers. The embers go straight into the bottom of the canister. The canister has a dual-wall sub floor that keeps the outer sides of the canister cool. DO NOT attempt to pickup large piles of ash from a fireplace or woodstove with the ash vac. Instead, remove bulk of ash with a shovel and ash can and then use the ash vac for final cleanup. if large chunks of ash are picked up, turn off machine to dislodge.

Also featured is a built-in vibrating filter that clears any buildup  around the filter without having to remove the dust-proof lid. Make sure to activate the vibration feature after about 1 cup of ash has been removed. The spring loaded activHearth_Country_Premium_Ash_Vacuum_2ator vibrates the hepa filter while the vacuum is turned off, and cleans away much of the build-up helping to increase suction power and efficiency.

The Hearth Country Premium Ash Vacuum’s canister is comprised of steel and has a four gallon capacity. The outer finish of the canister is powder coated, and it is currently only available in black. This vacuum also features a comfortable hand grip and weighs in at only eight pounds. It has a specially insulated 80db quiet motor. Also – you don’t need to worry about ever replacing and bag filters because this ash vacuum does not require one! So enjoy your fireplace this winter and keep your cleaning easy by getting a Hearth Country Premium Ash Vacuum today!

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Unknown said...

Excellent Ash Vacuum. Light, quiet, easy to use and easy to clean. Great deal!