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Weathershield Chimney Cap – Product Review

Monday, August 03, 2009 Posted by Stephanie H.

The Weathershield chimney cap is not your average chimney cap – it’s specially constructed for two different types of chimneys. The Weathershield cap for air insulated chimneys makes sure that there is proper internal venting for both double-wall and triple-wall air-insulated chimneys.Weathershield_Chimney_Cap The other available style is for single walled chimneys or for solid pack pipes. These cap styles both help to maintain your chimneys performance by keeping out everything – snow, rain, leaves, debris, and pests.

The Weathershield chimney cap comes standard with a removable mesh screen that helps to contain any sparks and/or hot ash. It also has a secure wind-resistant fit that won’t interfere with the convection cooling features of the chimney. There is a spring-tension connector that helps to assure a tight, friction fit.

This chimney cap will not rust or corrode because of the high quality stainless steel that it is comprised of. There is also copper available for those who prefer that look over the traditional stainless steel. Regardless, both materials stand strong against forceful weather and irregular temperatures. The Weathershield chimney cap is a top of the line cap that will last you and your home for many years to come.

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