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Log Cabin Wood Stove Steamer – Product Review

Monday, August 03, 2009 Posted by Stephanie H.

The Log Cabin Wood Stove Steamer will bring a classic, woodsy feel to any home. It is perfect for anyone that loves nature and the outdoors. This steamer has gorgeous intricate details that no picture can begin to show.

This Log Cabin Wood Stove Steamer is made out of cast iron and has aLog_Cabin_Steameran inner porcelain finish both inside and out that helps to resist any rust or corrosion. Woodstove heat is very, very dry and a steamer will add moisture to the air.

The neat aspect of this wood stove steamer is that the steam actually escapes from the cabins chimney! It makes a great addition to any home – especially one with a woodsy feel. The Log Cabin Steamer helps to keep the moisture in the air a great deal more during the winter months and will help to keep your home from becoming too dry!

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