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The Powder Coat Finish

Thursday, December 11, 2008 Posted by Stephanie H.
From what you may have seen in the past, many fireplace and chimney products tend to lose their shine after just a few years. The culprit? A bad paint job. Many fireplace and chimney products are made of steel or iron; which left to itself, will eventually rust. The exception to that rule would be stainless steel which is a type of steel used for some chimney caps and radiant firebacks.

Recent innovations in the finish industry have greatly improved the quality and durability of the finish many of these products receive. The latest innovation; the Powder Coat Finish.

A Powder Coat Finish is an extremely high quality finish that uses electricity to solidify the painting process. First, a manufacturer will take the product and apply an electrostatic charge to finely ground particles of pigment and resin. Then, the pigment and resin is sprayed onto the product. The product will be electrically grounded so that the charged particles will adhere to it. The product is then placed within a curing oven where the powder melts and fuses into a solid coating. The result is an attractive, durable, high quality finish.

You can look for the Powder Coat Finish on fireplace products such as, fireplace glass doors, fireplace tools, outdoor log racks and fireplace screens. Even custom chimney caps can receive a Powder Coat Finish.

The Powder Coat Finish has greatly increased the quality of hearth related products which means your investment in these products will survive for years to come, even to the next generation.

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