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Fireplace Screens - Adding Charm to Your Home with a Classic Accessory

Thursday, December 11, 2008 Posted by Stephanie H.
Today's fireplace has evolved from a necessity to a luxury. However, there is one aspect of the fireplace will never change. The fireplace has a powerful visual presence in any room. It is almost always the visual centerpiece of a room.

Tool sets, wood holders, and other fireplace accessories are essential visual components of a fireplace. While some prefer glass doors, others choose a more traditional look with fireplace screens or spark guards. These fireplace opening treatments aren’t just for traditional décor, many styles are being incorporated into modern interiors with stunning results.

There are three basic varieties of screens: operable door screens, single panel screens, and folding screens. As the name suggests, operable door units include a hinged door inside the frame which allows easy, convenient access to the fire box without having to move the entire screen. A single panel unit can be a picture frame like design, or a three dimensional spark guard, sometimes these are referred to as spark arrestors because they sit flush against an opening covering every possible exit for a rogue ember from a crackling fire. The folding screens come in various widths and designs and can be found in 3,4, and even very wide 5 panel varieties.

While there are many standard sized options, some situations require that a screen be custom fabricated. While these cost a bit more, a unique size or architectural feature of a fireplace often requires a specific height, width, or depth that is not available in a standard size.

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