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How to Measure for Fireplace Doors

Thursday, November 06, 2008 Posted by Marcus D
There are a few very good reasons for purchasing a new fireplace door.
  1. Your current one is ugly! It's time to replace that 1970's shiny brass door with a more modern finish - maybe a matte bronze or textured black.
  2. You just moved into a new house and you realize that your beautiful fireplace is a death trap for your toddler.
  3. You are one of the few homeowners that have realized that instead of a fireplace helping save on energy costs, it's doing the opposite - it's sucking the heated air out of your house and up the chimney.
This is just a sampling of reasons why people call us all the time looking to purchase fireplace doors.
Our website gives the user the ability to design and purchase a fireplace door online without any help but I would say 1 in 3 customers still call to talk to one our technical sales people. There is still some uneasiness for some to walk through the process alone. After working with hundreds of customers, I know the reason they are calling - it's the measuring.

Customers know that you have to be exact with your measurements or they are going to receive a door that just doesn't fit - and that's no fun.
We know that measuring is the most important step in choosing a fireplace door so all of our technical sales people are trained on how to walk someone through the process. In fact, we have 3 different types of fireplaces in our building that we use for training our staff. We even run through the training with the customer service staff.

But for those of you who don't want to call us - or are shopping for a fireplace door in the middle of the night, we can still help you out.

We took some time and created two videos that show you how to measure for fireplace doors. This should make it really easy - and of course - if you still have questions give us a call.
The first video is for stock fireplace doors and the second for custom fireplace doors. What's the difference? Stock doors are for common fireplace sizes. These doors accommodate most fireplaces and usually ship quick. If you have a unique size fireplace or if you want some unique features - you will need a custom door. For more information, read through our fireplace door category page on our website and check out blog site. Be sure to check out the Customer Corner photo gallery on the right hand side. It will give you some really good ideas for your project.

Stock Fireplace Doors

Custom Fireplace Doors

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