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5 Quart Cast Iron Wood Stove Humidifier with Chrome Handle - Product Review

Nothing compares to gathering the family around a warm, roaring fire when the weather cools off. However, many times the dry heat can cause the air in the room to dry out making it uncomfortable. A wood stove humidifier is a great way to alleviate this problem quickly and easily and without spending a fortune or adding an eyesore.

Wood stove humidifiers are designed to add the moisture back into the air that is lost from the dry heat your wood stove creates. One of the most classic and elegant designs is a traditional black, cast iron kettle style humidifier like the 5 Quart Cast Iron Wood Stove Humidifier with Chrome Handle.

Constructed of solid cast iron (and clearly heavy-duty at 12 lbs), this humidifier is sure to stand the test of time. Its classic simplicity will never go out of style and will stand out against any fireplace. It holds up to 5 quarts of water ensuring it will last through many of your evening fires. The safe, heat regulating chrome coiled handle will ensure you don’t get burned when moving it around.

Simply fill the wood stove kettle with water and place it on top of your wood stove. As the wood stove heats up the water inside will warm and begin to evaporate creating steam that will slowly release through the spout. This steam will increase the humidity in the room, countering the dry air produced by the fire and adding moisture back into the room, keeping you warm and comfortable so you can enjoy the fire.

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