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Fireplace Ash Vacuums

Wednesday, August 17, 2011 Posted by Stephanie H.

Sick of using the old sweep, shovel, and bucket technique to clean out the messy ash leftover in your fireplace after you’ve enjoyed a roaring fire? Simply replace the broom and shovel with a convenient ash vacuum. Fireplace ash vacuums make cleanup a breeze by taking the place of the traditional dustpan and broom and actually vacuuming up all of that leftover ash remaining in the fireplace. Because they are designed uniquely for fireplaces, ash vacuums are much better suited than a shop vac or household vacuum.

When used properly and well maintained, ash vacuums last for years and will make cleaning your fireplace a breeze. The following are some helpful tips to ensure you get the most out of your ash vacuum.image

· There is a best way to clean with your ash vacuum. Be sure to fully read the manufacturer’s instructions prior to first use. As with anything fireplace related, this is not one of those things to do without knowing how to do it right. When used properly, ash vacuums are incredible for cleaning out the ash in your fireplace but if used incorrectly you may not get the most out of it and become frustrated or cause damage to the vacuum.

· The majority of ash vacuums perform best when the hose nozzle is pressed flat onto the surface; this creates the best suction and prevents the vacuum from blowing the ash around and creating dust in the room.

· Most ash vacuums will not clean up anything but ash – generally you can’t vacuum up nails (which could damage the vacuum and hose) or chunks of wood. If debris other than ash is in the fireplace, you’ll need to remove those particles prior to vacuuming or vacuum around them and leave them to burn later or you risk damaging your vacuum.

· Ash vacuums are exceptional for cleaning up ash once it has fully cooled. Vacuuming up hot embers may melt your hose or severely damage your vacuum.

· If at some point it seems like your vacuum has lost some suction power, check the filters. Sometimes the soot and ash can create a coating on the filters that simply needs to be brushed off. If the filters haven’t been changed in a while it may be time to replace them.

Whether you’re looking for a basic ash vacuum, a quieter lightweight model, a unique design, or a heavy duty type – there are plenty of options to choose from. The most important thing is to select what best suits your purpose, and then learn how to use it properly to get the best results and a show stopping fireplace.

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